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  • Quality Nets & Gaffs

    Australian Made


GAF19R  (Reinforced  Flying Gaff)

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GAF19R (Reinforced Flying Gaff)

$400.00 AUD

The GAF19R is a 19.5mm diameter with a 8mm reinforcement, the Handle is 32mm in diameter at a length of 1640mm with a rope guide on the base of the handle.


1, 19.5mm x 200mm  reinforced Gaff Head with double welded 10mm mounting plate. (for extra strength).

1, With an 8mm Stainless Steel swivel.

1, 7.5m x 10mm premium grade rope.

1, Universal structural grade fitting with the option to turn from a flying gaff to a harpoon pole, (Kit sold separately).

Plus Freight